This is a brief introduction to DongTai Machinery.

Our company's full name is DongTai ChuangZhan Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, which is short for DongTai Machinery.

Founded in 1995, DongTai Machinery operates a manufacturing facility located in Foshan, GuangDong,China. This facility manufactures the precision spare part from small to medium size related to glass container industry abroad.

Since 2008, with the expanding of our factory area and our powerful technical ability, we established a new division which is mainly responsible for manufacturing trhe Double Straight-Line Edging Machine (for flat and round edge) with transfer table (L and I type).Most of the spare part on our machine are made by our own facility. With more than ten years of experience of spare part processing, we can control the quality better than other companies.

It's our goal to be the most competitive supplier and provide the superior service to our customer.